The most frequently asked questions about Svad Dondi textile furnishings

In this section you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Svad Dondi textile furnishings. Consult the FAQ for more information on the various collections dedicated to the bedroom, such as sheets or duvets; to the bathroom, with bathroom sets or towels, or to the table with the tablecloths for elegant and refined settings as well as all the textile accessories on the Svad Dondi online shop!

What are the measurements of a comforter?

A comforter for double bed, usually, to cover the whole bed must be 270 x 265 cm . Mattresses, as standard, have a width of 160 or 180 cm. With our comforters, therefore, it is possible to complete...

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What does the package of sheet set include?

By purchasing sheet sets on Dondi online shop, the package includes: 1 top sheet 2 pillowcases 1 fitted bottom sheet Thanks to the double bed linen set, you can always have a tidy bed, to which you...

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Can I also find furniture cushions on your shop?

Yes, from the cushions section of the Dondi shop, you can buy decorative cushions, useful for giving a touch of style to your home . The furniture cushions, in fact, are perfect to be used both on ...

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What are the available sizes of bathrobes on the online shop?

Bathrobes on Dondi online shop are available in different sizes, in particular small, large, medium, xlarge or xxlarge. Each type of bathrobe is unisex, in addition to the size, it can also be chos...

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For the spring and summer period, can I find some blankets on the shop?

For spring or summer, on Dondi online shop you can find different double or single bedspreads that give freshness and relaxation . The bedspreads are perfect to give your bedroom a touch of style w...

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If I use more detergent, will the linen wash better?

It is a very common mistake to think that an abundance of detergent helps to wash the linen items better and more thoroughly. This thought is wrong because in the rinsing phase the excess detergent...

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How can I wash jacquard products?

In order to wash properly without risking damaging the linen in jacquard fabrics, we always recommend following the dedicated instructions on the product label . For garments made with jacquard fab...

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What is the best method for washing bed linen?

To wash your bed linen, whether they are sheets, quilts, duvets or any other textile garment, it is essential to always refer to the labels sewn on each individual product in which the washing inst...

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What do the numbers on the washing labels mean?

On the washing labels, the numbers shown in the bucket represent the maximum recommended temperature degree in degrees centigrade . For more details on washing textile furniture, discover our guide .

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