How do you recommend making the bed in winter?

During the winter months it is good to have a warm bed, always in relation to the temperature of your bedroom.

For a cozy bed during the winter, we recommend choosing:

  • set sheets made of high quality cotton that guarantee maximum comfort
  • comforters with a heavy padding but which ensures the right temperature and correct perspiration or if you prefer lighter weight a duvet complete with duvet cover.

On our online shop you can find a wide selection of winter double comforter, also available as a single comforter or comforter one and a half. To complete the coordinates, you can also choose pillowcases for bed cushions, available in precious or refined finishes or minimal and elegant textures.

Dondi also thinks of those who do not like blankets that are too heavy, bedspreads are in fact available, a perfect solution for those who prefer more lightness, always giving a touch of unique style to the room.