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Are you looking for a set of high quality terry towels, soft and enveloping, with colors that match your style and your bathroom? Dondi has the right products for you, because it has always created collections with the complete respect of tailoring and the highest Made in Italy quality. The brand sells, also online, textile furniture and household linen, and in particular sets of solid color towels. For 25 years Dondi has been creating collections for bed areas that stand out for their unmistakable style, with high quality items and attention to detail, a heritage of craftsmanship and Made in Italy. The noble tradition of Italian bed linen revisited in a contemporary key.

Solid color towel sets collections

Dondi terry towel sets are a timeless classic of high quality and comfort, that perfectly match the style of any bathroom. In the various collections you can find bath towels, towels, towels in solid color. The wide range of colors allows you to always find the shade that best suits your taste and the style of your bathroom. Dondi terry towels are highly absorbent and realized with high quality materials: they can be in 100% cotton or in a mix of cotton and bamboo, a solution that increases the softness without reducing the absorbing power.

Even in solid color solutions, Dondi proposes classic articles or textures with more original and modern designs. Among the many terry towel sets you can find:

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In Dondi online store you can choose the solid towel set that best suits your style and your bathroom (you can also find many towels with precious and elegant patterns), always having the certainty of choosing a product of the highest Italian quality. You can buy bathroom sets from home, having a quick and safe purchase and payment procedure, fast delivery and the possibility of return. Discover our customer service.

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