Founded by Anna and Alfredo Dondi as a small family-run concern nearly sixty years ago, SVAD DONDI, has blossomed into an industry leader that has mastered the art of seamlessly blending hi-tech manufacturing processes and skilled craftsmanship, rendering the brand synonymous with creativity, elegance, entrepreneurial innovation and excellence. Starting off with bath towels and cushions, SVAD DONDI's product offerings have expanded over the years, and, thanks especially to constant innovation, currently run the gamut of luxury bed, bath and table linen, from bed sets, quilts and duvets to fine textiles and state-of-the-art designer fabrics for the modern home. All SVAD DONDI collections reflect our relentless quest to anticipate the newest trends and fashions which our staff of highly skilled designers and technicians incorporate into the carefully crafted luxury products distributed by our sales and marketing team. Our keen eye for detail, firm insistence on the highest quality raw materials, and sartorial craftsmanship rivalling haute couture, stand at the basis of the success of our collaboration with the renowned fashion house BLUMARINE. Close attention to detail is not confined to procurement and production processes but also extends to marketing and product presentation - with the involvement of world-renowned photographers, custom-designed settings, luxury packaging, and high quality advertising - and continues through to the consumer to ensure full customer satisfaction. Our product lines have changed over the years to reflect new lifestyles and fashion trends, and are currently grouped under five broad segments targeted at specific markets: SVAD DONDI, BLUMARINE HOME COLLECTION, BLUGIRL HOMEWARE, BLUMARINE BABY and BLUMARINE ART-DE-LA-TABLE. Our product offerings are regularly featured at all of the most prestigious international trade fairs and in the catalogues of outlets catering to the luxury home furnishings and interior design market, reflecting the SVAD DONDI brand's reputation as a hallmark of excellence in the creation of unique, sensuous, almost magical products.



Our office building and manufacturing facility are located in Viadana, between the cities of Mantua and Parma, over a surface area of 10,000 sq. m. Beginning in January 2014, the company completed its move to new modern premises. The site includes showroom, atelier, office building and manufacturing facility.


In our workshops, every production stage is rigorously attended by master fabric artisans. Thanks to their absolute sartorial experience, they wisely blend manual mastery and serial production. Every stage is strictly tested, a painstaking quality control that neglects no details, for a market that always demands only the best.