Winter comforter: how to choose it?

Winter comforter: a quick guide to choosing the right one for you

On cold winter days, all one would want is to stay snuggled up in bed, being wrapped in a warm and soft comforter. However, finding a suitable winter comforter that allows us to sleep peacefully and offers us maximum comfort is not as easy as it might seem. Therefore, here in this article we will briefly review steps to take in order to make the right and conscious choice.

Winter duvet for double, single and half bed: what are the correct sizes?

It may seem obvious, but the first characteristic to pay attention to is the size of the bed and mattress. In Italy the standard measurements are:

  • for the double bed: 160 cm x 190/200 cm in length,
  • for the single bed 120 cm x 190/200 cm,
  • for the single bed 80 cm x 190/200 cm.

In spite of this, many companies produce pre-formed mattresses and beds with different measurements than the standard ones to fit the common needs of customers and living spaces. For this reason, it is always best to measure the bed and the mattress: the comforter should be at least 20 cm longer on each side of the mattress-up to 40 cm if you like it to come down well from the sides.

What material to choose for winter comforter filling?

There are mainly two types of comforter fillings: the natural one made of goose down and the synthetic one composed of polyester fiber.

The natural down-filled comforter has the advantage of being very soft, warm but at the same time lightweight, is more breathable, and ensures a long service life.

The synthetic comforter is generally priced slightly lower, has a faster drying time and still provides good durability.

Both are therefore viable alternatives, the important thing is that the material of composition should be of high quality, breathable and hypoallergenic. Dondi bed duvets are specially designed to make rest comfortable and safe. In fact, down comforters are Nomite-certified and therefore also suitable for those with particularly delicate skin or those who suffer from asthma or dust allergies.

Winter double comforter: how many grams should it weigh?

The weight of the bed comforter is defined as its weight: in general, the weight depends on the type of filling, season and size. Svad Dondi offers different grammages according to the customer's needs: the Ottopiù comforter in synthetic fiber, for example, in the single version has a filling of 350 g/sqm and is therefore ideal for the winter season. The higher the grammage, the more the comforter will keep warm, but the heavier it will be. Before purchasing, therefore, also consider the temperature you are used to having in your home and how much pressure you want.

The fill power of goose down

Another characteristic to evaluate is the fill power, which is the ratio between the volume of the filling and its weight: the higher this value, the higher the quality of the product. In fact, it may happen that there are winter comforters that are very light but able to keep very warm, as in the case of the Ottopiù Warm comforter characterized by a very high fill power value (770).

Comforter or quilt?

To clarify, a quilt is very similar to an upholstered blanket; it is slightly larger in size and should be used in conjunction with sheets, unlike a comforter, which should be placed inside comforter covers. Quilts are composed of an outer fabric, an inner lining and a filling that can be made of natural material or synthetic fibers. Dondi bed quilts are made of high-quality materials, elegant and suitable for a refined and modern style.

Ultimately, the advice is to evaluate as a whole what your needs are based on your perception of warmth, the microclimate of your home and the area where you live, without neglecting the style of the home and bed area you like best.