Summer colors for your home!

Furnish your rooms with the colors of summer 2021

Summer has arrived! Warm weather, heat, sunlight and long days lead us to enjoy the outdoors more and to open doors and windows to create the best possible connection between the internal and external environment. With the arrival of the warm season, wardrobes, linens and sheets are changed, but it can also be an opportunity to renew home furnishings and accessories in a slightly more radical way, in line with the new mood and the hottest colors .

The general trend for this year, and especially in summer, is to use warm, lively and intense colors. After a year and a half decidedly "gray", dull and often closed in the house, the tendency, and the desire, has arrived to revitalize their environments with lively, bright and cheerful colors and patterns.

Here are some ideas for renovating your home in the summer.

First of all: what are the colors of 2021?

Also this year Pantone has chosen the colors destined to mark the trends in the field of furniture, design and more. This year there are two Pantone colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. If the first is more in line with a cold, winter season, the second is instead perfect for reviving the decor of your home in this summer 2021: it is a bright and bright yellow shade, a sign of hope and good wishes.

But there is not only Pantone yellow. The most popular colors this summer, to emphasize the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the air, or the cheerfulness of the season, also include several other pastel shades such as:

  • yellow
  • Orange
  • light blue
  • Red

How can we take advantage of these colors?

Yellow is the luminous color par excellence, especially in summer where it can "play" with the sun. If you need to heat an environment that until now has seemed a little dull to you, yellow is the ideal color, perhaps combined with white, which stands out and highlights it even more. To "tone it down" a bit, however, you can combine it with darker and deeper colors - one above all black.

Orange is a happy color by definition, warm and vibrant, bright and cheerful, halfway between the intense brightness of yellow and the powerful passion of red. It is also a color that stimulates creativity and imagination, and promotes concentration; you can therefore use it to decorate and color the living room, the desk, your office corner at home.

Blue, especially in the pastel version, gives a sense of peace, calm and relaxation, it is the color of the sky and of beautiful summer days, it relaxes our mind, so it is perfect for decorating or enriching the bedroom (sheets, blankets and linen, for example), the bathroom (towels, furnishings) or even the living room.

Red is obviously a vibrant, passionate and intense color, not very restful to the eye but which can be well combined to create a cheerful and lively effect.

Summer fabrics

With the heat and the sun the best choice, of course, concerns fresh and light fabrics, in the pastel shades we have just seen. Linen and cotton, for example, are perfect for the summer season, light and breathable, fresh, they let light and air through and are perfect for decorating the home, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Decorate your summer with Dondi

In the Dondi Home online store you will find many ideas and suggestions for decorating your home with the trendiest and most fashionable colors of summer. Some examples? Find solutions with cheerful and lively colors and patterns for:

  • Bed area, such as summer sheets and pillow cases
  • The bathroom, from bathrobes to rugs and bright and colorful terry towels
  • The kitchen, with tablecloths and runners with fresh, floral motifs and in line with the colorful trends of the season
  • Furnishing accessories, such as cushions and sarongs, to make

Is your home ready for summer?