Spring comes to the kitchen!

Tips for decorating the kitchen in spring

Spring is a period of renewal and change - after the cold and gray of winter comes the season where colors blossom, plants bloom, meadows turn green, the sun warms the environment and the sky becomes bluer. There is a different scent in the air and we are more and more outdoors; but this does not mean that we must give up bringing spring into our home, especially in the kitchen, one of the most cheerful, creative rooms where we spend the most time.

The change of season is a good time to renovate the rooms, refresh the style and look of the kitchen, letting in "new air". In many ways it is an activity that also helps to free one's mind, getting rid of the cold and winter numbness to start a new, colorful and floral season.

Here are some proposals to renew the look of your kitchen for spring.

The colors of 2021

Each year Pantone chooses the colors intended to distinguish the current vintage. Renewing the look of the kitchen can be a good opportunity to take advantage of these colors, so as to create a personal environment, but also trendy and in line with the trends of the year. This year there are two Pantone colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The latter is perfect for us, because it is a vibrant and bright yellow shade, a sign of hope and good wishes for this 2021 - what better opportunity than to take advantage of it to give a breath of fresh air to your kitchen in spring?

We can choose to combine the two colors, or to use only yellow, for example, for a more radical renovation, painting the walls, or even just for curtains or accessories (tablecloths and runners, napkins or cutlery, kitchen accessories ).

In any case, to embellish your kitchen in spring, taking advantage of the heat of the sun and the freshness of the air, it is always a good idea to use pastel colors, such as:

  • yellow
  • green
  • light blue
  • lilac

The floral look blossoms

With the arrival of spring, the flowers that bloom and the trees that begin to bloom, it is always good advice, in addition to opting for bright, pastel, lively colors, also to choose furnishings and accessories with floral motifs. In this way we can take advantage of the play of light that the sun offers with the days that get longer, and enliven the environment with original and fresh floral motifs.

How can you play with floral patterns? First of all by coordinating different elements with each other - but without exaggerating, because these patterns can create an effect that is sometimes even redundant and "heavy". In any case, among the elements that you can renew with beautiful colors and floral motifs, there are:

  • tablecloths for the table, but also runners or placemats, even with more geometric but light motifs, such as checked motifs (large or small)
  • chair cushions, with a floral pattern or with a nice solid pastel color
  • tea towels and pot holders, as well as napkins and, if desired, also cup holders

As for the curtains, the floral textures can be a bit heavy. Better to opt for light and breathable fabrics, and with beautiful bright solid colors, or with simpler motifs. Elements or textiles in bright and light colors also help to give the feeling of a larger space, which therefore opens up to the new season.

Add a touch of green

Even in the kitchen we can certainly liven up and refresh the environment with the presence of plants. In fact, nothing more than plants and flowers can convey those sensations of freshness, green and color that are typical of spring. Being in the kitchen, we can opt for different solutions, perhaps with plants with strong and bright colors, of a beautiful intense green - but of course, aromatic plants or spices can also be fine; we are always in the kitchen on the other hand!

For the lazy, or for those less gifted with green thumbs, succulents will do just fine. We can arrange the plants in the corners (especially if they are large), or on the shelves, in small wooden boxes, or in hanging pots. Another element that we can add, to give a touch of spring color - and also of seasonal fragrances - is to place scented candles, to be lit perhaps when it may be useful to counteract some more persistent smell, typical of kitchens.

Do you have an open space?

If you live in an open space, and therefore the kitchen and living room share the same spaces, you have even more opportunities to renew your furniture with the colors and motifs of spring. In addition to the various elements that we have already seen for the kitchen (tablecloths, runners, towels or tea towels) you can combine elements such as chair cushions, or runners for sofas and armchairs, always with pastel colors or floral motifs. In this case, you can also consider modifying the lighting in the room, either with LED strips or with free-standing lamps, which are lighter, more discreet and give a greater feeling of space and openness.

Furnish your kitchen with Dondi

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Are you ready to open the doors to spring?