How to decorate the living room for Christmas: hints and ideas for your home

Short guide on how to decorate the living room for Christmas

Decorating the house for Christmas has now become an indispensable December ritual. Usually the living room is the room of the house that gets the most attention: this is where the Christmas tree is usually placed and where guests are often seated. But not only that, it is the space dedicated to the evening entertainment of the family and children: that is why it is always the first room you think of for decorations. But is it possible to decorate it in a simple and impressive way for the holidays?

Create the perfect atmosphere in the living room with accessories and plaids for Christmas

Living room decorations for Christmas are often limited to the tree, the nativity scene or a few Christmas stockings, but often the result is not as desired. To make the living room more Christmassy, you can enrich your living room with garlands or fronds decorated with red bows or berries, balls, acorns or stars, placing them inside glass vases, or scented candles and small centerpieces to put on shelves and coffee tables. These small touches will immediately make your living room more welcoming.

Home furnishings and linens can also help make the living room a cozier and warmer place for the holidays: to decorate the rooms you can choose soft blankets to place over sofas and armchairs, such as the Warm throw Horserie or the Warm throw Samarcanda, ideal for staying warm while reading or watching television.

Don't forget about slipcovers and Christmas decorating pillows

The sofa and armchair represent the heart of the living room and should not be overlooked when decorating the room. To add a personal touch to the room, you can simply add a few pillows, such as buying colorful or Christmas print pillows, or choose single-color velvet furnishings that match the Christmas tones of red and green, such as the Cushion Venere.

If you feel like your sofa or armchair strays too far from the Christmas theme, you can also opt for a plain-colored slipcover or one with simple geometric patterns that blend in with the room. Among Dondi's furniture accessories you can find different solutions to embellish the sofas and armchairs in your living room.

How to decorate kitchen and bedrooms for Christmas: choose the right household linens

The kitchen also represents a special place in the home because this is where most of the time is usually spent on dinner preparations and the space is shared most often. Again, accessories such as those just suggested can be used here with the addition of Christmas cups and bowls in view, marzipan playhouses and Christmas cookies arranged on special risers, or again, Christmas-themed runners, placemats and napkins to be left on the table throughout the holiday season.

Bedrooms can be decorated with scented candles and room diffusers with spicy fragrances typical of Christmas. You can also consider beautifying the room by choosing furniture components that echo Christmas tones: you can opt for a solid-color comforter in shades of red, green or gold or choose geometric and tartan patterns. The latter is often used because it recalls the evocative environments of mountain chalets; among Dondi's bedding solutions you can find the Comforter Scotland Double Bed, the Duvet Cover Set Oxford Double Bed and many other solutions for your bed suitable for making the spaces of your home cozy and warm.

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