How to decorate the kitchen: 5 useful tips

All the tips to decorate your kitchen and make it more cozy

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house, the real heart of the domestic environment, where you can prepare and have meals in company and spend time with your family. This is why it is important that it is a functional and welcoming environment, and that it is really furnished according to your needs. The choice of furnishing accessories, as well as furniture and kitchen accessories must be made with care: in fact, a few steps are enough to beautify the environment and renew it with creativity.

Kitchen accessories and table linen, such as runners and tablecloths, can help you make your kitchen more beautiful. Here are some tips on how to make the kitchen a cozy and functional space to host family meals, entertain guests and more.

5 ideas to decorate your kitchen

The kitchen is not a simple service room, but an environment to live and decorate with care. That's why it should be valued at best, choosing the right furniture and accessories, without losing sight of practicality and functionality. Here are 5 simple but impressive ideas to decorate your kitchen:

  1. use shelves and wall units to optimize space and beautify walls: one of the easiest ways to beautify the kitchen, especially if you have little space, because they combine practicality and aesthetic sense. By inserting shelves and wall units you can always have at hand all the pots and utensils you use most in the kitchen and at the same time create original fittings, which will give a bit of movement and character to the environment, furnishing the most bare walls.
  2. place baskets, jars and your most beautiful ceramics in sight: a service of plates or colored glasses, special cups, glass jars to use instead of the classic spice holders, a few plants, a vase with fresh flowers arranged on the shelves or on the table and your kitchen will seem full of life and even more cozy!
  3. choose chandeliers and colored light points to make the environment more modern and warm. Do not forget the functionality: avoid too intense lights, which may tire and annoy the eyes, or on the contrary too soft, not suitable for an environment such as the kitchen. Alternatively, you can also consider placing spotlights under shelves and above the hob, to better illuminate them.
  4. Choose colorful and particular seats to decorate the kitchen in a personal and original way and add a touch of style to a classic or minimal decor. Depending on your tastes and the characteristics of your kitchen you can opt for chairs or stools in bright colors, with glossy or satin finishes, which will immediately give new light to the environment.
  5. Paint the ceiling with a contrasting color: if you love light and bright environments you can opt for neutral shades or delicate pastel shades, to give an idea of greater brightness and breadth to the environment. If your kitchen is large and with a high ceiling you can also choose more intense and saturated colors, such as dark gray or blue. The important thing is to be able to find a color that perfectly matches the decor and that gives harmony to the environment.

Accessories to decorate the kitchen: elegant and special tablecloths

Among the different accessories to decorate the kitchen, tablelinen is definitely one of the essential elements and the easiest way to add a touch of color or elegance to the environment. Whether you are looking for something classic and elegant or modern and fun, you will have plenty of choice. If your kitchen is furnished in a classic style you can choose elegant tablecloths to make it even more refined: the Nautilus tablecloth with shell motif, for example, is perfect for special occasions, but also to be used every day to embellish your kitchen and give a touch of light to the table.

Also the tablecloths with floral patterns, such as the tablecloth Fiorile, are very trendy, ideal especially in spring and summer, but also in the colder months to warm and color the environment.

If your kitchen has a modern design, you can opt instead for particular tablecloths, decorated with original patterns and patterns and bright colors. The Persia and Matisse models stand out for their exclusive prints and for their bright colors that are combined with creativity and are perfect for creating games of contrasts and adding a bit of sparkle to your table.

How to decorate with table runners

Table runners make a difference at home. They are versatile, practical, comfortable to wear and take off, which makes it easy to change them with new colors and patterns throughout the year. In addition, placed on the kitchen table helps to make the environment immediately more elegant and create atmospheres of great effect.

To set the table with table runners you can use them either alone, placing them perpendicular to the long side of the table, or paired with a tablecloth (preferably in solid color) to make the kitchen more beautiful at lunches or special dinners. You can also use them as a centerpiece, perhaps combined with a vase of flowers or a fruit basket.

Depending on your needs and the type of atmosphere you want to create in the kitchen you can choose modern table runner with contrasting patterns, such as the runner Persia or the runner Matisse, or table runner elegant or in perfect ethnic style like the runner Thay in jacquard silk blend.