How to decorate a traditional bedroom

Decorating a traditional bedroom: tips for finding the perfect bedding

The bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house, a small oasis of rest and relaxation that must be furnished to the best, according to your needs. The harmony of the sleeping area depends on the colors and the type of furniture and furnishings, but also on the choice of bed linen, which must enhance and give a personal touch to the spaces. Sheet sets, bedspreads and duvets, but also blankets and cushions are in fact part of the style of the room and serve to make the environment more pleasant and welcoming.

The traditional-style bedroom is an evergreen that never goes out of fashion, even when it comes to linen: elegant and refined, characterized by natural colors and delicate shades, contributes to creating a timeless atmosphere.

Are you thinking of furnishing your bedroom in a traditional style but you don't know how to choose furniture and linen? Here are some useful tips to decorate a classic bedroom and find the perfect matches for your sleeping area!

Traditional bedroom: the choice of furniture

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to classic furniture that finding the furniture that best suits your needs and features of your home may not be that easy. To start, you can start by simply buying the basic furniture, such as the bed, bedside tables and the wardrobe, and then add the elements and furnishings that you like the most and that match the furniture better.

To furnish a classic bedroom and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere you can choose furniture made with traditional materials, such as wood and wrought iron, perfect for bed, bedside tables and wardrobe. For a perfect romantic or shabby chic style, you can choose a four-poster bed, which will become the real protagonist of the environment. If you prefer a more classic model, you can opt instead for a bed with a high headboard, perhaps decorated with a quilted effect upholstery, or simpler, with a classic wooden structure.

Accessories and furnishing complements

​​In general, a traditional-style bedroom is characterized by simple and clean lines, which are inspired by the aesthetics of antique furniture and prefer neutral colors such as white, beige and brown. To furnish a classic bedroom it is important to choose furniture that perfectly matches each other, in order to create a harmonious and coherent environment. Try to buy dressers, dressers, bedside tables and furnishing accessories that recall the style of the bed and the colors of the walls.

To complete the decor of your classic bedroom, it is also important to choose accessories that give the environment a touch of elegance and refinement, such as table lamps, paintings and mirrors. To make the environment even more cozy you can opt for a classic style carpet, furnishing pillows and bed linen in neutral tones or with delicate patterns, which will give the environment an even more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Bed linen for a traditional bedroom

The sheets, double or single, are not only functional elements, designed to improve the quality of rest, but also a piece of furniture that can make the sleeping area more beautiful and pleasant. For a traditional bedroom you can choose both solid color sheet sets, such as the Basic sheet set, available in many different colors, and sheets in neutral tones with contrasting finishes, such as the elegant cotton satin Capri sheets.

If you love a more romantic and refined style you can choose instead sheets decorated with floral patterns, a timeless classic of bed linen. Depending on your tastes and the colors of the furniture you can opt for a more refined and discreet fantasy, such as that of the Patchouli sheet set with flower print and dragonflies, reminiscent of delicate watercolor brushstrokes, or a more whimsical and colorful floral pattern, like the Fiorile sheet set, available in shades of red, blue or lilac. Are you a lover of flowers and tropical landscapes? The Hibiscus sheet set is perfect for creating a relaxing and evocative atmosphere in the bedroom and giving a modern touch to even the most classic rooms.

Bedspreads and comforters: the best combinations of colors and patterns

A room with classic furnishings goes well with warm colors, ranging from cream white to yellow and ivory, to darker shades of brown and ocher. For your bedding you can then choose bedspreads and comforters in solid color or with patterns that recall these colors, for example the London quilted bedspread, with micro-geometric patterns, or the Leonardo satin bedspread.

Other colors ideal for linen and accessories of a classic room are the dove, the smoke gray, up to the most flamboyant lilac and blue. Among the elegant summer bedspreads you can find, for example, the indigo Cashmere double bedspread, embellished with an elaborate cashmere pattern placed. For the colder season you can choose a soft winter quilt, such as the double comforter Venere in warm velvet or the comforter Goa in printed satin with paisley pattern, also perfect combined with pillows in the same pattern or in neutral colors solid color.