How to choose your bed linen: tips and tricks

All the tips for choosing the perfect bed linen for your rest

Bed linen is an important element for your home because it contributes to the comfort and quality of rest. Pillowcases, sheets and blankets also stay in contact with the skin for a long time and can affect the balance of body temperature and the general well-being of the body during the night. For this reason, it is important to choose bed linen carefully, according to your needs and tastes, also taking into account the style and colors of the decor of the house and the bedroom. But how to choose the right sizes and fabrics? And what colors and patterns to prefer to decorate your bedroom?

Here are some tips to choose the bed linen that best suits your needs and all the tricks to follow to select materials, colors and patterns perfect for your bed.

Bed linen: how to choose the right size?

When it comes to choosing bed linen, there are several factors to consider, starting with the size of the mattress. Sheets, bedspreads and duvet covers should fit the mattress perfectly, not only in length and width but also in height. To choose the right bed linen and ensure a comfortable rest, consider that the sheets below should adhere and completely wrap the mattress, while the sheets above should be slightly larger to cover the bed, without touching the floor. In general:

  • for a single bed the dimensions of the sheet under (with corners) should be about 90x200 cm, those of the sheet above 160x290 cm and those of the duvet cover of 150x200 cm;
  • for a queen-size bed the sheets should respect the measure of 120x200 cm for the sheet under and 220x290 cm for the sheet above;
  • for a double bed the standard sizes are 180x200 cm for the sheet under with corners and 250x290 cm for the sheet under. In this case the size of the duvet cover should be about 250x200cm.

As for the choice of pillowcases, you will have to rely, instead, on the size of the cushions, without calculating any side ruffles. The measure should be about 50 x 80 cm for rectangular cushions (65x65 cm if you have square cushions).

How to choose bed linen: materials

Another important element to consider when choosing bed linen for your sleeping area is the type of materials. Whatever your preference for patterns or fabrics, be sure to choose bed linen made from quality fabrics that ensure good perspiration and an optimal level of comfort. Sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads or low quality duvet covers will have a shorter life and tend to wear out faster.

To avoid mistakes, you can choose cotton bed linen, a great classic of the sleeping area, which is perfectly suited to all seasons. Comfortable, resistant and delicate on the skin, cotton or cotton percale sheets have a good breathability and are always fresh and soft to the touch. They can be used both in summer and in winter, combined with a soft cotton bedspread. Cotton is also ideal for making comforters, winter duvetcovers, pillows and pillowcases. With its glossy finish, the cotton satin (obtained with a texture of 100 threads/ cm²) is perfect instead for those who want a bed linen particularly soft, soft and silky and wants to give a touch of sophistication and elegance to the sleeping area.

Bed linen: how to create combinations of patterns and colors for your room

As for the choice of colors and patterns, you can unleash your creativity and choose the bed linen that best suits your bedroom and the style of your home decor. If the furniture or walls in your room are colorful or have special patterns, you can choose bedding by focusing on more neutral and delicate colors. Plain sheets, such as the basic double sheet set or white sheets with contrasting profiles, such as Capri sheets, are perfect for any environment and can be easily combined with matching or patterned bed linen.

For a bedroom decorated with soft colors, such as off-white, beige, dove grey or grey, you can opt instead for more intense and vibrant colored sheets, or decorated with elaborate patterns, such as Alassio sheets with all-patternover or Flora sheet set with floral print. If you love contrasts, you can also play with combinations by choosing sheets in solid colors in warm tones with pillowcases of different colors.