How to choose the measurements of the sheets?

Tips and useful advice to choose the perfect sheets for your bed

Choosing sheets of the right size, which adapt perfectly to the size of your bed, is important to enjoy moments of rest in all serenity and to make your room comfortable and welcoming. Most of the sheets and linen sets that are normally found on the market comply with standard sizes, with formats that can be adapted to the most common mattress models. However, to dress the bed properly and avoid unpleasant surprises when buying, it is good to know and always keep in mind the measurements of your mattress.

Are you thinking of buying new sheets for your bed but you don't know how to make your choice? Here are some useful tips and tricks to make no mistake and furnish your sleeping area in a perfect way!

How to take the measurements?

To buy a sheet set that fits your bed perfectly you first need to measure the length, width and thickness of your mattress. The bottom sheet, in fact, must adhere completely to the mattress, while the top sheet must be slightly larger in order to wrap the bed properly. Standard mattresses usually have a height between 20 and 30 cm. The more modern mattresses, on the other hand, such as those in memory foam, can have an even greater height.

To choose quilts, bedspreads and duvets, in addition to the size of the mattress you must also keep in mind the overall height of the bed, since they will cover part of its structure. Generally speaking, it is better to choose lightly abundant bedding rather than sheets that are too tight to force you to move.

Sheets for single and three-quarter bed

The standard mattress for single or square beds measures 80x200 cm. In this case, the bottom sheet with corners must be slightly wider (90x200 cm) to be able to wrap the mattress, while the top sheet must be approximately twice as wide (160 cm). Better to choose a bottom sheet with elasticated corners (usually 30 cm) because they are more comfortable and practical to spread and adhere better to the mattress.

There may be another variant of a single bed: the small single bed, which has smaller dimensions (70x190 cm), so the top sheet must measure 180x290 cm.

The one and a half mattress measures approximately 120x200 cm. In this case the bottom sheet with corners must measure 125x200 cm and the top sheet 180x290 cm.

Sheets for standard and maxi double beds

The double bed linen is produced respecting the measures of the classic double beds, but with some exceptions. The double beds can in fact have standard dimensions (175x200 cm) or maxi, such as beds with king size mattresses that have a greater width (180 / 190x200 cm) to ensure maximum comfort even for particularly tall people, for which a normal double bed it wouldn't be enough. For standard size double beds, the bottom sheet should measure 180x200cm (multiple corners), while the top sheet should measure 250x290cm. For beds with king size mattresses, on the other hand, the sheet sets should have a size of 270x300 cm for the bottom sheet and 180x200 cm for the bottom sheet.

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