How do you wash the sheets?

A few simple tips for washing the sheets and always keeping them fresh and clean

Sheets are one of the indispensable components of the bed and the sleeping area, they must obviously be beautiful to look at and coordinate with the furniture and the rest of the bed accessories. But not only that: they must first of all be comfortable, fresh and comfortable, they must really welcome us into our bed and let us rest in the best possible way.

To always have perfect sheets, in the best conditions, not only clean but also fresh and welcoming, it is essential to wash them regularly, with care and attention, in order to preserve their characteristics and quality. Here are some tips for washing sheets in a workmanlike manner.

Washing and temperature

The first thing to do, of course, is always to check the label of the sheets to check the composition of the materials and the washing instructions. Let's not forget that although they are generally made of cotton, not all sheets are washed in the same way. Depending on the composition, texture, colors, some can withstand slightly higher temperatures, while many others cannot be washed at temperatures above 30 ° C or 40 ° C.

Generally 40 ° C is good for both cotton sheets, flannel or satin ones. In the case of silk sheets, it is better to choose a cycle for delicates, at 30 ° C. Another good tip is not to overfill the washing machine: after many washes, the drum may be damaged and cleaning may not be as effective.

Once the sheets have been put in the washing machine, therefore, choose the program suitable for the fabric, as indicated on the label. Not only that, we also need to take colors into consideration. Generally, in fact:

  • white sheets can also be washed up to 60 ° C (but obviously it depends on the fabric);
  • colored sheets or sheets with different patterns should not be washed at temperatures above 40 ° C, in order not to risk discoloring them.

The choice of detergents

We obviously use liquid detergent to put in the special compartment. We try to use a delicate detergent for white garments or, in the case, specific for colored garments, so as not to attack the cotton or the fabric of the sheets. Usually a measuring cup is enough inside the tray, to which a measuring cup of fabric softener can be added to make the sheets even softer and more fragrant.

As an alternative to fabric softener, vinegar can be added - in addition to disinfecting, in fact, it makes the fibers of the fabric softer.

If desired, we can also add a teaspoon of baking soda, which is useful for sanitizing the sheets and fighting the presence of limescale inside the washing machine. In any case, this step can be useful if performed about 2-3 times a month, precisely because it helps us to avoid limescale build-up.

And the centrifuge? It will need to be very low - in this way it can limit the shrinkage of the cotton, which is almost inevitable as it is a natural fiber. A high spin is likely to increase this phenomenon.

How to dry the sheets

Once the sheets have been removed from the washing machine (do not leave them inside for too long, or they could take on the smell of humidity), we can spread them out, preferably outdoors and in the shade, in a ventilated place but not under direct rays. Of sun. Especially in the case of white sheets, it is better to avoid the sun's rays which can give that typical yellowish color, definitely not very pleasant, as well as making the fabric drier.

If the weather does not allow it, or if it is winter, for example, we can always use the dryer - rapid and constant drying will help to avoid unpleasant creases and the smell of damp. Alternatively, place the drying rack in a dry room.

Once drying is complete, you can iron the sheets. If, before, you have spread the sheets well, with order and precision, you will have much less trouble ironing them. If they have dried too much, you can moisten them a little with a spray.

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