Cotton sheet sets, the new patterns for spring

Floral patterns and pastel shades: trendy sheets for spring

Spring is approaching and the change of season is now around the corner. The days get longer, the temperatures rise and invite you to spend more time outdoors. It is time to replace sheets, quilts and winter duvet covers in your bedroom with lighter bed linen, suitable for spring nights.

The frequent temperature changes, in fact, can affect the quality and duration of sleep, as well as seasonal allergies, caused by pollen and allergens that in spring reach the peak of diffusion. It is very important, therefore, to choose the most suitable bed linen: not too heavy, to avoid waking up at night for the excessive heat accumulated, but not too light, not to be cold in case temperatures drop suddenly.

The season change is also the ideal opportunity to renew the sleeping area and dress your bed with the colors of spring. From delicate pastel shades to more energetic and vitamin colors, from classic floral patterns to geometric ones: with Svad Dondi sheets and bed sets you can leave plenty of space to your creativity and create a perfect spring atmosphere in your bedroom.

Let's discover together all the trends of spring-summer 2022, starting with sheet sets!

Trendy spring colors and patterns

When spring is approaching, there is nothing better than letting some color and freshness into the bedroom to leave behind the grayness of the winter season. Cotton sheets, but also quilts, bedspreads, pillows and accessories in solid or patterned colors: if chosen in the right way they can completely transform an environment and give a unique and personal touch to rooms and bedrooms.

Floral patterns are a great classic of spring bed linen, a must even for spring-summer 2022. If you love romantic atmospheres, Dondi offers double sheet sets with floral prints in delicate pastel colors, such as the double bed sheet set Alysee, decorated with refined hydrangeas in shades of white, pink or turquoise or the elegant Soffio bedding set, a real spring breeze in the bedroom, with delicate floral patterns in shades of fuchsia and sky blue. Among the different proposals of single sheets you can find, instead, complete sheet sets with colorful spring prints, such as Fiorile sheets in 100% cotton percale, perfect both in bedrooms with a modern design and in those with a more classic style.

Hawaii double sheet set is perfect, however, for those who prefer tropical patterns and want to anticipate the flavor, scents and colors of summer. Depending on the style of furniture and the atmosphere you want to create, you can choose between patterns in shades of powder, pink, fuchsia and orange, or in shades less bright brown, beige and green, suitable for any season.

Trends for spring-summer 2022 include not only prints with flowers, leaves and petals. Even the cotton sheets with geometric patterns and stylized figures in warm and bright colors are always current and modern, ideal for pleasantly coloring the bed on sunny spring days. ​​The Alassio and Maison double sheets, in cotton satin printed with an all-over pattern and a solid satin bottom sheet, are also ideal for ethnic rooms and are perfect to combine with matching or plain pillows and bedspreads.

Mid-season bedspreads: how to choose them?

In spring, duvets and winter blankets can be excessive, even for those who suffer most from the cold. When the temperatures start to rise you can replace the heaviest bed linen with a practical quilted bedspread with light padding (80 or 90 g/sqm), which will ensure a comfortable and not excessively hot rest. The most suitable quilts for the spring period are those covered in cotton, percale or cotton satin, soft, light and highly breathable.

In the section bedspreads and quilts Dondi offers a wide choice of spring bedspreads made with different materials, colors and patterns, easily combined with the complete sheets of the same pattern, or in solid color.

If you have an elegant room and would like to create a classic and refined taste, you can choose the Patchouli double bedspread in cotton percale, decorated with a delicate texture of flowers and dragonflies in pastel tones on a light background, perfect to give your room a romantic spring touch. For a bedroom in a retro style and timeless charm you can opt for the unquilted bedspread Demetra with an elegant jacquard design in shades of pink and powder.

To furnish your sleeping area in perfect oriental style, you can opt instead for the Japan quilted cotton satin bedspread printed with a delicate oriental pattern on a contrasting octane bottom. Peach flowers, leaves, herons and kimono patterns to recreate a zen atmosphere in your room and let yourself be lulled by the charm of the Orient.

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