Bed linen: the complete guide for the change of season

Tips and suggestions to better deal with the change of season and choose the perfect bed linen for your sleeping area

Summer is now behind us and the winter days are approaching. The time has come to dress the bedroom for the first cold weather and to put the linen and summer clothes in the closets to make room for autumn and winter ones. To better cope with the change of season and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your sleeping area, you will need to choose an ideal bedding, neither too light nor too heavy, and carefully match sheets, pillow cases, blankets, duvets and bedspreads. In this way you can promote a pleasant and comfortable night's rest, also giving your room a personal, unique and unmistakable style.

But what are the rules to follow for a perfect change of season? And what are the most comfortable and suitable fabrics and materials for winter? Here are some useful tips and suggestions to better prepare your sleeping area and face the arrival of the first cold in the name of maximum comfort.

How to make the bed linen change of season: useful tips

In order not to be caught unprepared when the cold arrives, it is important to organize yourself in time for the change of season, making the necessary changes to the various rooms of the house, cleaning the wardrobes and replacing light clothes and summer bed linen with heavier sheets and blankets. To renovate the sleeping area, you will first have to empty and thoroughly sanitize the linen closet, take out the autumn and winter bed sets and ventilate the room.

At this point, after having carefully washed and dried the sheets and summer blankets, you can divide the various types of linen using cardboard boxes and containers of different colors or practical vacuum bags, so that they take up less space once placed in the closet and keep fresh and clean longer. To perfume dressers and wardrobes you can also use special linen perfume bags, and don't forget to add an anti-moth product to protect the fabrics.

Usually the ideal period for the change of season in view of autumn-winter is between September and October. However, you will always have to take into account the weather conditions to avoid making the timing wrong: consider leaving out light or medium-weight underwear in case the cold is waiting for you.

How to choose the perfect bed linen for winter

For the change of season, the watchword is graduality. To create a comfortable environment in the sleeping area and ensure a good rest, it is important, in fact, to accustom the body to temperature changes gradually, without excess. If you want to choose the perfect winter and autumn bed linen for your room, you will have to take into consideration, first of all, the heaviness and the type of materials, as well as, of course, your tastes and your specific needs.

In the coldest period of the year, the bed must also be dressed "in layers" with:

  • soft, warm and padded mattress cover, essential to ensure the right temperature for your bed and ensure a good rest
  • bottom sheet (with corners) and top sheet (without corners): in autumn and winter, you can choose sheets in cotton flannel, warm, soft and resistant, or in cotton satin, which adapt to the temperature of the body according to the seasons. Even the cotton sheets are suitable for any season, always soft and pleasant on the skin, breathable but warm in winter.
  • quilt or duvet: quilts are a classic of the winter season, equipped with a padding designed to ensure excellent warmth in the coldest periods.
  • duvet: as an alternative to a quilt, you can choose a comfortable duvet with a duvet cover. Soft, comfortable and versatile, it can be made with different padding and weights to adapt to different needs. Being designed to be covered with a duvet cover, it allows you to change the style of the linen frequently and to play with the combinations of colors and patterns without incurring excessive costs. For the duvet cover fabric you can choose between different proposals: cotton, satin, percale or microfiber.
  • cushions and pillowcases, the final touch to create a warm and hospitable atmosphere and give your sleeping area a unique and unmistakable style. To furnish the bedroom in the best possible way, you can choose pillows with colors and patterns coordinated with the sets of sheets and pillowcases or with the duvet cover or bedspread.

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