Bathrobe: how to choose the right one?

Practical guide to choosing the right bathrobe that suits your needs

The bathrobe is an essential item on many occasions and present in any home. After a shower or a hot bath, especially in winter, there is nothing better than to be wrapped in a soft bathrobe to relax in the house after a day at work. But the feeling of comfort and well-being that can ensure a bathrobe is not limited to the domestic sphere: it is an essential accessory even on vacation, to take to the beach or pool, or to the gym, SPA and wellness centers.

There are many types of bathrobes, which can vary and have different characteristics depending on the materials with which they are made, the composition of the fabrics, but also the heaviness and length. Without forgetting, of course, the aesthetic side and the color, which are equally important in choosing the right bathrobe for you.

If you are going to buy a bathrobe but you do not have clear ideas yet, here are some tips and tricks to find the right model and best suited to your needs.

How to choose a bathrobe: the features

To choose the bathrobe that best suits your style and needs, you will need to consider some aspects, such as the type of fabric, size, length and color. Be sure to choose a good quality bathrobe, made of a durable fabric and that ensures a high absorbency, but also soft and gentle on the skin.

The cotton terry bathrobes have a very high absorption capacity and are therefore particularly suitable for drying the skin. The cotton sponge can be smooth, without further processing, or present a jacquard processing, which makes the fabric particularly valuable. Consider that the quality and strength of the sponge are also determined by its weight: as the weight increases (indicated in grams per square meter) the quality will also increase. To ensure maximum comfort and a good absorbency, try to choose a bathrobe made with a cotton sponge not too light (indicatively over 300 g/ sqm). In addition to the type of fabric, you will also need to consider other elements:

  • length: it is another important aspect to evaluate. There are bathrobes that go up to the knee, other longer ones that reach the calf or ankles. Longer models are more suitable in winter and in colder seasons because they are more opaque and protective, but the choice will depend largely on your specific needs. If you are going to use your bathrobe on the road, in the gym or in the pool, for example, you could opt for a shorter model, less bulky and therefore easier to carry or put in your bag or suitcase;
  • size: essential to buy a product that is suitable for your physicality and that ensures a good fit. Bathrobes generally have sizes ranging from S to XXL. If you are not sure what your size is, always prefer an extra size, which ensures freedom of movement, without tightening excessively;
  • color: even the aesthetic side is an aspect not to be underestimated. In this case you can choose according to your tastes and the places where you decide to use it. Keep in mind that white robes are more delicate and tend to get dirty more easily, while colorful or patterned bathrobes may be more recognizable, especially if you decide to take them with you to the pool or gym. Typically women's models are made with light and softer colors, such as white, ivory, pink and cyclamen, while men's models have darker colors such as blue, black or gray;
  • model with or without hood: in this case the choice will depend solely on your habits and preferences. The models with hoods are more comfortable, practical and protective, ideal especially in winter to avoid temperature changes once out of the bath or shower. Hoodless models are more comfortable, however, to wear in moments of relaxation at home. You can also choose bathrobes with pockets, useful also in the pool or in the gym to bring with you small personal items.

The ideal bathrobe for him and her

The ideal bathrobe, both for him and for her, should fit perfectly to everyday needs and ensure maximum comfort. Men's bathrobes, in particular, should be practical and comfortable, ensure good absorbency and dry quickly. When used for the pool or gym, it should not be excessively bulky, so that it can be easily inserted into the duffle bag or sports bag.

As for the colors, it is better to choose models in solid color, with sober colors such as black, blue, gray, or in different shades of blue and teal. The bathrobe Couture in solid color, with hood in pure cotton and jacquard weave, is perfect for him, convenient to take to the gym or on the go. If you prefer patterns, you can opt for the Marracash bathrobe with hood, which is distinguished by the particular oriental pattern with contrasting colors, perfect for him in indigo or brown shades.

The bathrobes ideal for her are soft and elegant, perhaps embellished with jacquard or honeycomb, or with more refined details and applications. The bathrobe Ti amo! in a delicate powder is romantic and refined, perfect to use after a bath or shower, but also for relaxing moments at home or to spend a relaxing day at the SPA. Also the Skipper bathrobe with elegant jacquard weave is particularly suitable for her: it stands out for its perfect fit and, thanks to the hood and the comfortable side pockets, is perfect even for the most sporty. The most demanding will love the bathrobe India in bamboo cotton blend with jacquard texture, incredibly soft and comfortable, designed to give a feeling of immediate well-being on the skin.

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