5 ideas for decorating your beach house

Tips and inspirations to furnish your home with a fresh and personal style

Summer is vacation time, and in general the public is divided in the classic survey between sea and mountains. Those who choose the former can bet on hotels, bed & breakfasts, apartments; those lucky enough to have a house by the sea, however, will obviously go there. Although it is a house where we don't go very often (especially if it is far from our residence), it is important that it is furnished with our style, and above all that it allows us to spend time in a relaxing, carefree, fresh way.

For this reason, furnishing the house by the sea is important and requires, above all, creativity and the desire to do everything right, according to one's tastes. Choosing the furniture for the beach house means giving space to imagination, inventiveness, Mediterranean colors, the more lively ones or the more shabby ones; the important thing is to have in mind what the sea recalls: the blue of the water, the wind, the sun, the air, the coolness we seek and desire. The house by the sea must be a place where you can enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments; for this reason it must be furnished combining practicality and taste, with a certain freshness.

What colors to choose?

As mentioned, let's recall everything that the sea reminds us and let's focus on those elements: blue, white, celestial. Typical elements of the sea and its context, such as ropes, anchors, wood. Light fabrics such as cotton, wood, blue and white striped upholstery, faux coral and starfish, soft colors, and many other elements that can be placed here and there around the house. In fact, blue and its variations go very well with white to give a sense of lightness and freshness, as well as to remember the typical colors of boats and sailors' clothes. In this way you can give your home a beautiful Mediterranean style.

Then there are not only blue and white of course: also ivory, the sand color, the various shades of yellow and wood; a good tip is to paint the interior walls with light and muted colors, from plain to cream, which are a perfect contrast to the furnishing accessories. Finally comes the wood, a fresh, typically Mediterranean material, both natural and white lacquered, perhaps with some more "rustic" elements.

And the fabrics?

For a beach house with a fresh and Mediterranean style, even the various fabrics must follow these guidelines in terms of colors and materials. Coverings of cushions, sofas, tablecloths, curtains (and in the case of wallpaper) must have characteristics that refer to the seascape:

  • natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, hemp, jute, little worked
  • elements such as ropes, wood, with a rustic flavor
  • simple patterns such as classic stripes, or plain colors.

The kitchen

If we follow the trends of recent years, the most popular styles for holiday homes are the Mediterranean and shabby chic ones. They are ideal trends for beach houses because they are simple, natural but also refined - and it is easy to find solutions for all budgets. Here are some tips for decorating the kitchen and dining area:

  • choose white for the interiors, which makes the space brighter and fresher
  • few appliances, perhaps of design (the sea does not need much, a refrigerator, stove, oven and a few other accessories)
  • furniture always white, or in natural wood
  • a table also in this case of white color, and chairs perhaps of a very pale blue, or light blue
  • play in contrast with the elements of the table, which can therefore vary on the many colors of blue and light blue. Not only that, we can also insert more lively elements, reminiscent of the sun, or the sand. This applies to tablecloths, place mats, runners and centerpieces, tea towels and napkins, sets of gloves and pot holders, as well as plates, cutlery and glasses.

The tone of the seaside cuisine must first of all be welcoming, fresh and relaxing, as well as informal. On the other hand, we are on vacation!

The bathroom

The characteristic elements of a bathroom are water, freshness, the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as lightness. Especially in the house by the sea, we therefore avoid too warm and bright colors (such as yellow, red, orange) and stay on the themes of blue, light blue, light blue or turquoise - in addition of course to white - for walls, furniture and objects. These muted shades in fact convey a feeling of calm and tranquility, as well as cleanliness (especially white).

These colors, preferably solid colors, must then also be chosen for bathroom accessories and complements, such as curtains, towels, terry cloth sets, rugs, bathrobes and so on.

The bed area

The bedroom is another room where you need to pay close attention to the choice of furniture in line with the style chosen for the beach house. It is true, perhaps it is the room where we spend less time (especially on vacation, when we tend to enjoy the outdoor spaces more or to wander around) but it is also the one where we rest and sleep: it must therefore convey the maximum feeling of calm and relaxation. Here too, therefore, it is better to avoid colors that are too bright or lively, which can negatively influence these sensations.

Following the Mediterranean (or more shabby) style of the rest of the house, here too it is better to opt for the colors of ocean / sea blue and its many shades, with counterpoints given by white or the colors of sand, rope or wood. . Here too there are many patterns and textures, and you just have to leave room for imagination: thick lines, thin lines, solid colors, polka dots, patterns linked to the marine world. As for the fabrics of the bed complements, even here it is better to choose comfortable compositions and, especially in the case of sheets, mattress covers and any blankets, transpiring, such as linen or cotton.

The outdoor spaces

But in addition to the interiors, in seaside homes it is often necessary to furnish the outdoor spaces - gardens, verandas, terraces, patios, all designed to best enjoy the sun and hot summer days. Here, too, the aim is to create a space where you can relax, both during the day, perhaps for sunbathing, and in the evening, to enjoy the night breeze. It doesn't take much to do this: some nice deckchairs, even folding ones, for sunbathing during the day and, for the evening or late afternoon, chairs or a wicker sofa with soft white cushions or alternating colors, blue and white. Then, next to it, a small table enriched with a simple runner and candles that create an atmosphere, or a larger table with chairs, in wrought iron with cushions or in wood, for outdoor dining.

To decorate the environment, it is better to rely on classic marine-style textures and decorations (anchors, ropes, starfish) or greener elements, such as plants and flowers, which always give the sea an exceptional touch of color. Do not forget a nice outdoor lighting (for example with hanging lamps).

Lastly, awnings and mosquito nets will serve to protect the interior from the onslaught of mosquitoes, typical on very hot summer evenings.

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